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    Maritime shipping in Turkey is one of the developed and logistically equipped countries with many ports and container terminals linking the East and the West.

    UBC IMPORT EXPORT  in Turkey, as one of the shipping companies in Istanbul, specialized in Ocean freight operations and, through its experience, was a supporter of its customers, contributing to facilitating the movement of shipments and goods between Turkey and their countries.

    It is a main pillar in the business of shipping and logistics services that has developed over time and is prepared in a practical, elaborate and appropriate manner for various shipments, companies and professions, and in most countries and ports of the world.

    International shipping lines are now competing with each other in terms of services, availability of stations and destinations, and costs as well.

    Here, the role of the shipping company emerges to be the main organizer and accurate follower of the shipping process from the beginning of the purchase decision until receiving it at the customer’s warehouse or headquarters.

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